You Just Don't Get It

Thursday, 03 December 2015 18:46 administrator
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So the Liberal Numbnuts Progressives got their wish; Trudeau 2.0. You people are so ignorant of what makes this world go around, it is unfathomable. All you want is more “free shit” and for the government to hammer the so called “one percenters”. Well, the one percenters are the ones who create jobs! A free enterprise system works and has worked for centuries. When those people don’t make money, they won’t invest more in to business so that they can create more jobs which typically results in more profits for them and the cycle continues. You don’t get it.

Every single year, more and more progressives are voted into various levels of government and every single year our taxes go up at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Because, you see, “free shit” isn’t free. Someone has to pay for it and hence increased taxes. Oh and lets’ not forget that all of this requires a bigger more bloated government to administer the free shit. So more taxes to pay for that. When will it be enough? You pay 50 percent of your income to various levels of taxation. What will be the breaking point for you, 60 percent, 80 percent? You just don’t get it.

You want to save the planet and you curse Alberta and its dirty oil. Do you even have a clue as to the policies and procedures that are in place? Alberta leads the country if not the world in its production of “clean” energy, land reclamation projects, carbon capture and more. Have you not heard of the air quality in China where you cannot see for a block because the pollution is so thick and where masks are a necessity? Have you not seen the lakes of crude oil laying on the ground in central Europe because they don’t care and they have no interest in land reclamation? The world is a cesspool and yet you have no clue so you jump on the bandwagon and blame Alberta’s so called dirty oil. You just don’t get it.

You see the news flashes on TV of the poor refugees attempting to flee the middle east. To you it seems such a noble cause to reach out and attempt to save these people. Yet you overlook the tens of thousands of hungry children in Canada living in poverty. You overlook the tens of thousands of people that are homeless in Canada. You overlook the tens of thousands of senior citizens who built this nation also living in squalor and poverty. The same people who paid their taxes for decades and get a pittance in return. Why, because it’s so much more entertaining for you to chat on about helping a refugee family at your next social gathering than it is to talk about helping fellow Canadians. It is so much easier to help an immigrant family move here and get all that free shit than help a senior citizen get a decent meal that they can’t afford on the pittance of a pension that they receive. You just don’t get it.

You want the government to help stop all the wars and conflicts on this planet but you don’t want our military to do anything other than peacekeeping. Militaries have a job to do and peacekeeping is not one of them. And since you are not willing to have our military deployed to various conflict zones, you’ve decided that we should import our own conflicts. That’s right, we are importing people from places where they cannot be properly vetted for security purposes and our current Liberal government is determined to bring 25,000 to Canada in under six weeks! You just don’t get it.

That’s 25,000 people that will have to be transported here on our tab, need food, clothing, language training, housing, furniture, medical care, etc. all on our tax dollars. All this while tens of thousands of people, Canadian citizens, across this nation not only do not have any of this either, they most certainly will NOT be given it for free, as is the case of these immigrants who by the way, have not ever paid in to our system and likely will not for at least a generation. Where are our priorities? You just don’t get it.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist with degrees in economics and political science to figure out that this will not work. Look at Europe. Their semi socialist stance has most countries broke. They have imported tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of middle east and African refugees. These people are taking over their governments. They are taking over their countries. They are changing their laws. And then they are pushing out the original citizens of those countries. The conflicts from the middle east now reside in Europe. This is what you want to bring to Canada? You just don’t get it.

Do you somehow think that you (or our federal politicians) are smarter than all those politicians in Europe who thought that they were doing the right and moral action? Are you such a genius that you believe you can circumvent everything that went wrong in Europe? We have first generation immigrants in all levels of government in this country. It’s now “legal” to become a citizen without showing your face. We have public buildings where signs of Christianity and Christmas are being removed. A country founded on anglo saxon principles and Christianity is being changed because immigrants no longer wish to assimilate but rather change our society to match the one they left behind. And if you think that you are somehow smarter and that all this is ok, then you just don’t get it.