Open Letter On Firearms Ownership

Saturday, 16 August 2014 21:28 Mike McGuire
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Open Letter On Firearms Ownership


I write to you today to ask that you come together and help the firearms community in Canada reach out to our political leaders, strengthen the retailers of this industry through your patronage, and reach out to those whom you know that are not firmly committed to the lawful ownership of private property as a citizen.

Blaming inanimate objects and punishing lawful gun owners will not protect our society from tragedy. Because of the senseless acts of deranged people, all signs point to responsible gun owners being punished by our government yet again. This is not the first time we've been punished for the crimes of others and sadly, this will not be the last. It is our duty as citizens, to contact our representatives in government and urge them to use common sense based on fact rather than emotion, and protect the freedoms afforded to us in our Charter. This is not the time to buy into the New World Order mentality of the United Nations, a corrupt organization bent on disarming all of North America.

Evil will always be with us. Terrorists, criminals, and deviants will always prey on the defenseless. We must make up our minds to take the fight to them before they can bring it to us. Simply enacting gun bans and declaring areas as safe places, without actually making them safe, is irresponsible and insane. That is not a solution to the real problem... it only advances the political agenda of the left and flies in the face of the victims of these heinous acts.

By simply punishing law abiding citizens with further gun legislation and prohibitions, such as the previously legal Swiss Arms and CZ series of firearms, our school systems and public gatherings would be no safer tomorrow than they were a week ago. If all sales of so-called “assault” weapons ceased today, our gun-free zones would still be a prime target of madmen using whatever weapons they could get their hands on. The same time as the Newtown tragedy unfolded, a man in China went in a school with an edged weapon and hacked up about 20 children. It barely made the mainstream news, because there was no gun involved. The liberal media it seems is onside with the bureaucrats.

We need to take a long, hard look at the mental health system in this country. We need to work in our communities to make sure that our schools have formidable protection and security from those who would wish to do harm to our children. We need to train teachers, parents, counselors, first responders and the general public alike in how to look out for trouble, react to violence, and how to prevent and contain it using whatever means they have available. In Israel, all schools have been hardened and no class goes on a field trip without protection, and they have had no assaults against their precious children in schools since the 70’s. The Israeli’s were the first to implement armed air marshals and they have had no issues with air travel.

Join me in supporting the National Firearms Association. You may not agree with all of their tactics, policies or leadership, but know this... they are taking the fight for freedom to Ottawa on behalf of us... the good guys... the responsible, law abiding citizens who are tired of being punished for crimes we did not commit.

Elections have consequences and those consequences are being dealt out by leftist leaning individuals like Justin Trudeau or Tom Mulcare that hate everything we stand for. They hate every aspect of the firearms industry. They hate our guns. They hate our patriotism toward a free and democratic society, and they hate our Charter that restrains them from implementing harsher restrictions. They love the UN and its Small Arms Trade Treaty that would disarm every law abiding firearms owner in North America. They love the New World Order concept. They love the redistribution of wealth (are you listening Alberta). That means they take your money and give it to those who don’t want to work for their own.

We must stand up for our rights against appointed bureaucrats such as the Chief Firearms Officers and the RCMP who jointly contrive ways to harass lawful firearms owners and ranges. We must demand that previously legal firearms, magazines and devices be returned to us. We must insist that laws written to criminalize law abiding citizens who just happen to own firearms be abolished and stricken from the books. For those who would say that Canada remains a democracy, I would say buy a gun. For then you will experience first hand what it feels like to be criminalized and how in a so called democracy, your legally owned property can be stripped from you on a whim by the aforementioned unelected bureaucrats.

Take the fight for our rights to Ottawa through your elected officials, and the NFA. Join today. And continue on a regular basis to write your elected representatives to remind them of their obligations to you, the Citizen.

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