Are You Stupid

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 22:03 administrator
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Are You Stupid?

That was not meant as a condescending remark. But it may become a label.

How is it we are not allowed to say anything about anybody, well, except for white (read Caucasian) people. There are many different groups out there based on ethnicities and in some cases just color (Ebony Magazine, The Black Actors Guild), yet if we wanted to start a White Cracker Magazine, or White Actors Guild, it would be considered rascist. But I digress. This is just about labels.

This is at least one label that can affect all of us regardless of color or ethnicity. The thought police along with those psychobabble types have now decided they want to use a new label for us. Well, some of us. That is, if you are (were) considered to be somewhat slow in school, because the mere fact that you are reading this tells me that you are probably beyond school age and already have reading comprehension, so your child could be labelled as; a Sluggish Cognitive Tempo child.

When I was in school, people would probably just call you stupid. Today that term would probably get you expelled, maybe sued, or if you were a teacher, reprimanded. The reality is, you probably just learn differently or at a different rate than your peers. Most of us still graduated and moved on. We didn’t have this handle, stupid, hanging over our heads for a lifetime either. It was just something said that was soon forgotten because it had no real context. Of course we weren't all stupid, it was just one of those things that was "said".

But now the touchy feely libtard (oops, bad word) crowd want to attach this handle on your kids if they don’t meet some supposed criteria; Sluggish Cognitive Tempo. Seriously, do these people not understand that a term like that could haunt you your whole life. You could potentially be refused a drivers’ license, insurance, a firearms license or maybe even a job. All that just because a term was attached to you by some ridiculous bureaucracy and now someone else thinks that you may not be up to certain tasks or responsibilities. All because of a "label".

People, you need to tell government to stop micromanaging us. These bureaucrats need to tend to their jobs of educating our kids instead of coming up with fancy labels for them. Remember “discovery math”? Ya how’s that working out. Next it will be discovery education. Here’s your Ipad, see you in ten years for finals. It reminds me of the phrase that was credited to the late Ronald Regan; “beware the person who says, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.