2017 New Year Statement

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 00:00 Mike McGuire
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2017 New Year Statement

Rising Sun is a unique business established just over 22 years ago and inspired by sweat, hard work and the desire to be self employed. We sell protective gear to people who don’t want or need to be protected. These customers would rather be on the training floor sweating and bleeding than being comfortable, or sitting on the sidelines, or resting at home. Our customers want to live life to the extreme.

Rising Sun offers gear for women too of course, particularly those who’d rather be training for a fight than baking cakes. Take a look at our gear if you’re the kind of lady who likes the smell of cordite, engine oil, or a sweaty gym. After all, impact knows no gender.

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You Just Don't Get It

Thursday, 03 December 2015 18:46 administrator
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So the Liberal Numbnuts Progressives got their wish; Trudeau 2.0. You people are so ignorant of what makes this world go around, it is unfathomable. All you want is more “free shit” and for the government to hammer the so called “one percenters”. Well, the one percenters are the ones who create jobs! A free enterprise system works and has worked for centuries. When those people don’t make money, they won’t invest more in to business so that they can create more jobs which typically results in more profits for them and the cycle continues. You don’t get it.

Every single year, more and more progressives are voted into various levels of government and every single year our taxes go up at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Because, you see, “free shit” isn’t free. Someone has to pay for it and hence increased taxes. Oh and lets’ not forget that all of this requires a bigger more bloated government to administer the free shit. So more taxes to pay for that. When will it be enough? You pay 50 percent of your income to various levels of taxation. What will be the breaking point for you, 60 percent, 80 percent? You just don’t get it.


Terrorism In Canada

Friday, 24 April 2015 17:07 administrator
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Today a judge in Alberta granted bail to Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist and killer of US Soldier SGT Speer. The Khadr family has been embroiled in terrorism for decades. The fact that this man was born in Canada and holds a Canadian passport does not lesson the impact of his actions. Read the timeline and judge for yourself. Also ask yourself why such a double standard exists in this country. If you or I were to stand in front of the media and spew hatred towards this country, religion, and way of life, we would surely be charged with a hate crime. Yet Omar Khadr's mother and sister have done just that repeatedly and received no sanction what so ever. This whole case stinks of political correctness gone horrendously wrong. The facts speak for themselves. An American soldier, I believe he was a General in fact, was commenting on a US news show some time ago and he actually called Omar the "Rock Star of Guantanamo" because he had a known and confirmed killing and his older brother and father were killed fighting Nato Forces. It was this persons opinion that Omar would be a rallying point of young wanna-be jihadists in North America. Hopefully we don't see that come to fruition. On the other hand, are you OK with your tax dollars being spent to support this man (a convicted terrorist), his mother and sister, and also his handicapped brother (injured while fighting)? We are not supportive of that in any fashion.




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2015 New Years Greeting

Friday, 02 January 2015 15:56 Mike McGuire
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2015 New Year Rant

Well folks, in some respects 2014 really sucked. There were a number of terrorist events, we had a couple soldiers killed in Canada, on home soil, by terrorists. Then there was the scourge that is ISIS in the middle east. As if that wasn’t enough, there was also that Ebola thing, nothing to see here folks, just people bleeding out of their eyes. And the various governments wondered why we didn’t “trust” them to get the job done. I believe it was Ronald Reagan who jokingly coined the phrase,” we’re with the government and we’re here to help”. Then while everyone was watching Putin take over Crimea and start up the cold war again, and Obama was cowering on the golf course, our own government was quietly and subversively stripping us of some more rights. A death by a thousand cuts?  Yes 2014 was indeed an interesting year.

But here we are at 2015! This year marks our “20th” year in business. In August of 1995 we officially opened our doors even though Rising Sun operated as a home based business for a time. Call it luck, hard work, or just plain stubbornness, but we are still here. It really has been a wild ride. We have made many acquaintances, met quite a few celebrities, and yes even gained a few haters. We have been threatened, robbed at gunpoint, had numerous windows broken by a domestic terrorist, and even had someone try and burn the building down. We have dealt with personal health and injury issues that on occasion saw us putting a closed sign up on the door, but you guys kept coming back, kept supporting us.

During these past 20 years, we have garnered invaluable experience in the area of martial arts apparel and training gear. As the martial arts world has changed, we have changed and adapted with it. In some cases we have led that change. We were the first retailers in Canada to carry Tapout and UFC branded gear. Today we deal with over 30 distributors / manufacturers and stock over 3000 different lines of product in our little store. In fact we (Mike) were instrumental in MMA becoming sanctioned in Edmonton when Mike was recruited by the Edmonton Boxing and Wrestling Commission to expedite that process. We were only the second jurisdiction in the country at the time to legally sanction MMA events.

We led the way in bringing notable martial artists to Edmonton for training seminars exposing literally hundreds of local martial artists to some very high calibre training. We supported hundreds of club activities and functions, tournaments and MMA events. We supported local law enforcement and military and assisted or trained numerous personnel in this area and across North America. We established our own sub division known as Rising Sun Tactical that has also taught self defense, impact and edged weapons concepts as well as advanced firearms instruction. We’ve been on TV, in papers and magazines and even mentioned in some books. We’ve worked close protection for the wealthy, sports figures, celebrities, and even a former President of the US. We’ve worn many hats.

Numerous people have approached us for our technical and tactical experience looking for assistance. Sometimes, we were more like the neighborhood barber where people could just vent and get a load off their chest.

Yet by all standards we are not even considered a small business. With 2.1 employees, we are a micro business. We receive zero respect from the government that taxes us to death, or the banking institutions that want our business, but won’t offer anything in return to “micro business” owners.

But here we are, 20 years in. It really is amazing how fast the time has gone by. We’d like to say that we’ll be here for another 20 years but logistically that probably won’t happen. We don’t have enough room in here for Dianne and I to move around on power scooters. But hopefully Rising Sun as an entity will still be around. In any event, thank you all for allowing us to be of service to you and allowing us to be able to call ourselves entrepreneurs. We wish you all the best for 2015 and in whatever endeavours you pursue in your future.   

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I Am Sick And Tired

Wednesday, 12 November 2014 18:42 administrator
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I am sick and tired of being a criminal, made so by a government who doesn’t believe in civilian ownership of firearms. Don’t even attempt to tell me about this recent announcement by MP Blaney. His feel good legislation will basically do nothing provided it even passes.

I am sick and tired of rampant uncontrolled immigration from Africa and the middle east. Stop it now. Most of these people have NO intentions of assimilating to CDN society and want only to bleed us dry financially through our overly generous social and health programs. When we say it’s a “free” country, that doesn’t mean everything is free for you.

I am sick and tired of these same immigrants coming to Canada and then insisting that we change our laws and our behaviours to suit them. If they don’t like who we are and how we live and a society built on Anglo Saxon Christian principles, then leave.

I am sick and tired of a broken social health care system that is killing people.

I am sick and tired of a pension system that treats its elderly, the people who built this country, like second class paupers. Cut off the immigrants who get more in benefits that seniors do. These people have never contributed a cent to this country. Seniors deserve better than subsisting on Mac and Cheese.

I am sick and tired of this government treating its military veterans like its senior pensioners. Show some respect.

I am sick and tired of seeing real criminals pandered to. If your sentenced to 20 years, that doesn’t somehow equate to six. Is that new math? Do the crime, do the time. Also since when should these people be pandered to while in jail? It’s not “Club Fed”. They are criminals, what part of that do you not understand? Look at the recidivism rate, your so called rehabilitation programs suck.

I am sick and tired of seeing the RCMP run rough shod over a community like High River, seizing legally owned firearms, destroying legally owned ammunition, breaking into homes and more and not being held accountable. No law enforcement agency is above the law. Haul these people on the carpet. Show some accountability.

I am sick and tired of unelected bureaucrats (Provincial CFO’s) making up their own rules and enforcing their own personal firearms agendas of civilian disarmament on the backs of law abiding firearms owners. MP Blainey said he would stop it. When exactly will that actually occur. This is perhaps the most onerous piece of legislation to be passed and enforced on a democratic populace ever!

I am sick and tired of these so called reclassifications on previously legally owned firearms. Stop all reclassifications. It’s just a subversive form of confiscation.

I am sick and tired of restrictions on the barrel length of a firearm as if that had any effect on said firearm what so ever. This is one of the stupidest arguments ever turned in to law.

I am sick and tired of magazine restrictions on firearms and changing the terminology of a “normal” capacity magazine to “high capacity” as if that moniker somehow made it a bad device. Changing terminology does not change fact.

I am sick and tired of TFW’s when there is nothing temporary about them. We have hundreds of thousands of people on welfare and unemployment. Force these people to work or no free ride. If we really need some workers with specific skill sets and verifiable credentials, hire Americans. At least they speak, read and write English. By the way, there are currently tens of thousands of trained Americans unemployed. What’s the problem here?

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