Quite some time ago, we offered up some information on preparedness. We were actually quite surprised on how well this information was received and numerous people even came into the shop to ask Dianne how she fashioned / organized her Bug Out Bags. So on that note, we decided to start another page on Tactical and Preparedness Tips offered up by us and some technical advisors that we network with.

Some of these tips will be new to you, some of them you will know, some of them you may have known but forgotten. We hope all of them will keep you thinking about your responsibility to always be mentally and physically prepared for the benefit of you, your family and your community.

Our technical advisors and us believe it is the individuals responsibility (not Governments or other agencies) to take the initiative to be well prepared with the proper equipment, training, and mental attitude to not only survive a crisis but be victorious. One only needs to look at Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans to understand the importance of this. The City had four days notice of the impending storm and floods. No one moved. The City had hundreds of school buses at its disposal to move people. None were utilized. People were already under flood waters before they tried to stock up on water and essentials by looting stores. Now it was too late to move. The people blamed the City for not keeping them safe and secure, watered and fed. The City blamed the state and the state blamed the Feds. Yet it was the citizens themselves who were in “condition white” and clueless to their pending predicament.

It’s highly unlikely that we will see a hurricane here in Edmonton but we have had severe tornado’s and extreme winter storms. The Province as a whole has been experiencing power “brownouts” and these are expected to get worse as the power grid has not kept up with development, hence power requirements. That forces us to survive at the very least for possibly hours, off the grid. We should be prepared for worse. As has been said before, we are martial artists and as such we train to make our minds and bodies strong. We should also be prepared to not only look after ourselves but those who cannot look after themselves such as the weak, handicapped or elderly. Hopefully you can glean a few tidbits of knowledge from this page. Stay tuned for more additions.

It's Here

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It’s Here!

We’ve been telling you guys for years that Canada is not isolated from what goes on around the world. It’s been here for a very long time, but now it’s in our face.

All these political and religious issues that we have seen going on around the world have existed in Canada for a very long time. They have just been held for the most part behind closed doors. There has been fund raising activities in Canada for various groups for years. Since before 9-11 occurred. That is a fact. We have had “clerics” calling on Canadian youth to rise up against the US for years. That is fact. We have had young men from Canada travel overseas to fight against American AND Canadian soldiers. That is fact. One of them remains in a Canadian prison and currently fights for his release back into Canadian society.

Calgary riot 2014 Hamas supporters in Calgary July 2014  Canadians involved in terrorist activities  Canadians travel abroad to fight  

Now imagine this. I stand on the street across from your home and start throwing rocks at your house. Initially, you’ll get mad at me and probably call me some not so nice names. You might even call the police (we’ll call them the neighborhood UN). But I ignore the police and I keep coming back and keep throwing rocks. I might break some windows. Perhaps dent your car. Maybe even smack you or your family as they are coming and going. But every day I keep coming back. How long until you throw a rock back at me?

That’s what’s happening in the middle east. Hamas terrorists have been lobbing literally thousands of rockets at Israel and they finally decided to lob a few back. Of course, you only see the dead bodies of women and children on TV because Hamas wants to parade them for the sympathy vote. Yet they hide their ordnance in schools and hospitals etc. By the way, before you feel sympathy for them, always remember that Hamas is a “terrorist organization” just like Al Qaeda.

So now we have Hamas supporters, right here in Canada, in Edmonton and Calgary demonstrating, fighting, and practically rioting in OUR streets. Remember, until now it has mostly remained underground. However with rampant uncontrolled immigration, things will get much worse. Don’t believe us, look at the issues occurring in Europe. Just yesterday a building was burned down in France during rioting. There are neighborhoods there that the police can no longer go into unless it is in riot gear with dozens of police. Welcome to the melting pot!

So where do you stand with your preparations? It could start off with something as simple as getting stuck in a traffic jam because of demonstrations. Are you prepared to abandon your vehicle? Do you have a day bag to take with you? Do you have a route plotted to get back home off the main thoroughfares. It might be a prudent time to re-evaluate your preparedness quotient.

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