Quite some time ago, we offered up some information on preparedness. We were actually quite surprised on how well this information was received and numerous people even came into the shop to ask Dianne how she fashioned / organized her Bug Out Bags. So on that note, we decided to start another page on Tactical and Preparedness Tips offered up by us and some technical advisors that we network with.

Some of these tips will be new to you, some of them you will know, some of them you may have known but forgotten. We hope all of them will keep you thinking about your responsibility to always be mentally and physically prepared for the benefit of you, your family and your community.

Our technical advisors and us believe it is the individuals responsibility (not Governments or other agencies) to take the initiative to be well prepared with the proper equipment, training, and mental attitude to not only survive a crisis but be victorious. One only needs to look at Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans to understand the importance of this. The City had four days notice of the impending storm and floods. No one moved. The City had hundreds of school buses at its disposal to move people. None were utilized. People were already under flood waters before they tried to stock up on water and essentials by looting stores. Now it was too late to move. The people blamed the City for not keeping them safe and secure, watered and fed. The City blamed the state and the state blamed the Feds. Yet it was the citizens themselves who were in “condition white” and clueless to their pending predicament.

It’s highly unlikely that we will see a hurricane here in Edmonton but we have had severe tornado’s and extreme winter storms. The Province as a whole has been experiencing power “brownouts” and these are expected to get worse as the power grid has not kept up with development, hence power requirements. That forces us to survive at the very least for possibly hours, off the grid. We should be prepared for worse. As has been said before, we are martial artists and as such we train to make our minds and bodies strong. We should also be prepared to not only look after ourselves but those who cannot look after themselves such as the weak, handicapped or elderly. Hopefully you can glean a few tidbits of knowledge from this page. Stay tuned for more additions.

Dianne Cooper

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Dianne in H3 on PHX trip

 Dianne's previous experience in liquor retail management provided invaluable skill sets when her and Mike embarked on a new adventure. Dianne had started to work for the former Alberta Liquor Control Board when she was barely out of high school. Over the years, she worked her way up the corporate ladder from store employee, to manager, and eventually an operations coordinator.

Dianne Cooper    Dianne Cooper    Dianne Cooper      Dianne archery shot crop

Like so many other ALCB employees in 1993, Dianne found out one day through the media, that she and her fellow workers had fallen victim to the governments plans for privatization. Dianne was better off than most as her position in management meant that she would be one of the last to go.

Her new role was to go about the Province and close liquor stores which, one fateful day, began with a motor vehicle accident that was to change her life. Dianne met her future business partner and husband after her truck rolled on the highway. Mike was part of the emergency medical services team responding to the call. The day was Friday the 13th.

Dianne is also a competent marksman. She has completed firearms training with the Gunsite Training Academy in Arizona as well as Tactical Response from Tennessee. Dianne has also trained in most of the firearms courses that Mike has facilitated. She is an avid reader and loves to cook when it can be scheduled in, especially in her volcano stove. Dianne is extremely well versed in all aspects of preparedness. She has read extensively on the subject matter and has personally visited several freeze dried food manufacturers / suppliers in the US. She has since been approached locally for her thoughts on food storage topics as well as Bug Out Bag design. In the fall of 2013, Dianne decided to take up hunting as an additional pursuit in her preparedness and self sustaining lifestyle. This was followed by her taking up archery in 2014. Nothing like hurling pointy sticks. All this is another excuse for her to field test all the gear that she promotes through Rising Sun. She's tried out various stoves and meals in extreme cold and even a snow cave. If it fails, or if it shines, she will let you know.

 Her broad smile and infectious good humor welcome all those who come through the door at Rising Sun.

She's really the boss,

Mike's just "window dressing" !